Welcome to join Actualog Expert Community!

The experts create a classifier; they define product categories and their characteristics and attributes. We invite producers, clients and independent professionals to join Actualog Expert Community.

To become an Actualog Expert:

  • Register in Actualog and complete you personal profile. Choose communities you want to join as an expert. Provide information about your professional experience. Don’t forget to upload your best photo.
  • Look at Actualog data basic concepts. You should understand what is Facet, Facet Tree, Category, parent Category and Subcategory, Attribute, Brand Category, Library of Attributes, and Product.

Now you can improve existing categories or even create new one.

As soon as you understand how Actualog works and will have some practical experience with editing categories you may apply to become an expert in particular community.

Find new colleagues worldwide and share your knowledge. Find all your colleagues at the community at Expert page for the community.