Company profile

Company Profile provides information about company products, area of expertise, procurement program, and catalogs.

Before adding a new company, please, check if it already exist. Use Search at main menu.

Click «I work here» button at public Company Profile if you work there. Alternatively, you can select a Company at your Profile. Public Company Profiles are available to all users.

You don’t have to be a registered user to access this information. Only Company Administrators can edit Company Profile. Please, request Company Administrator access rights if required.

Click «Edit» to modify Company Profile. Add one or more Communities for the company and some facets in selected communities. Add categories, products and catalogs to the company profile. Please, select a country where you company is registered.

In case if you operate in several countries, please select a country where an entity that will accept the Actualog license agreement is located. Invite your colleagues to join Actualog.

Click «Invite colleague» button to send an invitation.

Set permissions for the employees, set Administrators and employees who will be eligible for additional features of premium subscribtions.