Category is a class of products that can be described by a unique set of attributes. For example, «Tomograph», «Transformer» or «Hammer» is a category.
«Furniture», «Equipment» or «Spare parts» is not a category, they are facets.

Category belongs to one or more Communities. For example «Tomograph» belongs to the Medicine community, and Transformer to Energy community.

A Sub-Category inherits its attributes, companies and documents from the parent category.

A subcategory always should have an attribute that does not exist on the parent level.

To create a category start from the Classifier. Check that the Category does not exist using search. It is desirable but not necessary. We will check it for you when you enter new category name.

Click Create Category button in Classifier form. New Category form appear. Fill category name and description. Add synonyms to category name. To add a synonym expand synonyms panel and enter a synonym.
Please, define category name in the singular. It is important because we will use category name to create auto-generated product name.

Select a measure and measure unit for the category - a measurement unit to measure products in the category.

To change attributes order go to Attributes Tab in the Category, set a new order by drag and drop and save it.