How I can use Actualog

I am an Expert

Уou are an Expert in particular products, materials or technologies if you know a lot about its properties and characteristics and want to share your knowledge. Actualog Expert Community helps you to share knowledge with your colleagues. You can create categories and attributes, create and edit descriptions in 35 languages, get badges and win fantastic prizes from our partners. 

I am an Innovator

  • Use Actualog to share information about new products and new product categories at the R&D stage. 
  • Make visible new products and categories key features for clients and partners. 
  • Get feedback at early stages and create expert community around new technology.

Professional associations and non-profit organizations

Regional and industry associations, and communities of producers and consumers use Actualog as a platform to create, manage and share complete and accurate information about products, materials, technologies, and industry standards. Create product catalogs for your professional association and also for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Producers and manufacturers 

  • Use new sales channel to establish effective relationships with your customers and partners.
  • Increase sales opportunities by supplying the customer with uniform high quality product information. 
  • Promote your company brand in the international market with the Actualog Expert Community. 
  • Reduce cataloging costs by creating online catalogs in 35 languages using professional terminology. 
  • Provide relevant information about your products to customers and distributors, taking advantage of the product profile 360 ° 
  • Distribute documents like user manuals, instructions, advertising materials, communicate with your clients and keep them informed about product updates. 

Companies and organizations buying complex technical products, materials, and technologies

  Use advantages of procurement centralization:

  • Search for products and compare them to find the best products using characteristics and parameters;
  • Preparing tender documentation or RFQ and use the list of product characteristics from Actualog;
  • Search for innovative products; communicate with innovators at early stages;
  • Create and share your procurement program with potential suppliers;
  • Create Procurement Catalogs and embed them into your website;
  • Reduce Product Information Management costs by using product information created by experts;
  • Invite your suppliers to pace information about their products in Actualog and get the complete and unified product description;
  • Standardize communications with your suppliers, reduce errors, improve communication time and streamline processes;
  • Exchange product catalogues with your suppliers.

Distributors, resellers

Distributors will be able to add large volumes of supplier data to their assortments automatically using Actualog Product API. They access accurate complete and relevant information.