Attribute is a product characteristic. Products in the same category have the same list of attributes. Weight, Number of USB-ports or Nominal power is an example of attributes.

Experts create attributes and add Attributes to Categories.

An Attribute could be unique and exist only in one Category or it could be general. Library of Attributes is a library of attributes that could be added to numerous Categories.

Attributes are inherited from parent to Category to Sub-Categories.

An Attribute is defined by its name and description. It belongs to functional. logistic, marketing or technical area. An Attribute could be more or less important to describe a product. You can specify level of an Attribute importance as high, mediul or low.

An Attribute could be defined as a mandatory attribute. Values for all mandatory attributes should be defined for any product in the category. Only mandatory attributes could be used in the product name template.

Actualog supports four Attributes types:

  • Numeric,
  • Text,
  • Yes/No
  • List of values.

For Numeric attribute you should specify number of digits and decimals, Numeric attribut could be in percentage (%). You can define miminum and maximum allowed values. Numeric attribute could be set as a single value, as a number of values, as a range or multiple ranges. Permissible deviation could be specified for an attribute, it could be defined as an absolute value or in %.

Text attribute has maximum and minimum number of characters.

Yes/No attribute you can specify labels for positive and negative values at different languages.

List attribute could have one or multiple values. List of values could be defined at multiple languages.

It is possble to define measures and units of measurement for numeric and list attributes. Set Unit of measurement flag on and select a measure and a unit of measurement.