Catalogs allows to share information between companies. Catalogs in Actualog are of the following types:
  • Exhibition catalog - include both specific product items and general categories. Usually has no price information. Exhibition catalogs consolidates proposals of several companies. 
  • Offer Catalog - provides general product information, without price specifics. 
  • Procurement catalog – includes provides information about the needs of the company, can include both specific products and "procurement items" 
  • Sales Catalog – it is a proposal that usually includes minimum quantity and prices. Sales Catalog could be used to upload information into different marketing channels like eShops and B2B Portals. 
The number of companies whose products can be represented in catalogs is specified by the option "Multiple companies". If this option is enabled, you can add several directory members in the "Companies" tab. For the directory, you must specify: 
  • Communities in which the Catalog will be displayed; 
  • Facets are enlarged groups for selected Communities; 
  • The unique name is the URL of the Directory 
  • Type of Catalog (exhibition, Proposal, Procurement, Sales); 
  • Option One / Multiple companies;
  • Availability period - specify the start and end date / time of the catalog action • Visibility - Clear or Private;
  • Option, whether the Catalog will include prices. If the Catalog contains prices, then you must select the currency of the Catalog; 
  • Global / Local option. For the Local directory, you need to select the country in which the catalog will operate.
  • Option whether the minimum quantity for the order will be specified. After saving the basic parameters of the Catalog, you can add Products. 
On the Products tab, you can select products from favorite Categories, or from products that the Expert created or edited. For selected Products, you can specify prices and minimum volumes. The Permissions tab allows you to grant access to the Catalog for editing and viewing. Closed catalogs with prices can be used by trading partners to exchange price offers.