Nowadays professionals live and communicate in isolated professional universes. Experts speak the professional jargon, read professional journals, and meet at professional conferences and exhibitions, share ideas on industry specific resources and groups in social networks.

Communities in Actualog allow professionals to work in the environment designed for particular industry, you will see only categories and products, companies and experts related to your professional community.

You are welcome to join one or more communities. One of the selected communities will be set as a main community.

You can join more communities, leave selected communities and change your main community at any time using Communities tab at User Profile.

Actualog has forty professional communities, for example:Energy, Telecom, Medicine, Oil&Gas, and Nanotechnology.

Sometimes a category belongs more than one community, for example: «Fighter aircraft» belongs to «Aviation» and «Weapons, military products».Subcategory and Parent category could be in the same or different communities.

There is a facet classification for each community